Adore Your Walls Questionnaire

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  • Which picture best shows your ideal room style?

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    A (Source: Living Agency)

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    B (Source: Country Home)

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    C (Source: Emily Henderson)

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    D (Source: Emily Henderson)

  • Which of these artworks do you like?

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  • Which Adore Your Walls Art Stylist would you like to work with?

    Rebecca Gregerson

    Rebecca Gregerson

    Rebecca Gregerson is a 20+ year veteran of design and art curation, with roots in the worldwide hotel and resort industry. She has a deep reverence for art and the ways it can tell the story of the people who inhabit a space.

    3 words that describe her style: engaging, insightful, accessible

    Jessica Mason

    Jessica Mason

    Jessica Mason is a professional artist herself who specializes in acrylic and mixed media paintings, graphic design and textile design. She has partnered with interior designers, business owners and art lovers to adorn many walls and interiors with inspiring artwork.

    3 words that describe her style: eclectic, abstract, expressionistic

    Liz Lidgett

    Liz Lidgett

    Liz Lidgett is the CEO and Founder of Adore Your Walls. Her passion for art in all spaces is infectious and has helped numerous private and public collections grow strategically and be seen properly.

    3 words that describe her style: personalized, diverse, and whimsical.

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  • Please write in dimensions of the wall where you would like art. We need height and width of the wall. If there are any major pieces of furniture like a couch or credenza in the photo, please right in the dimensions of that as well.
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