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Day 1 of mural progress.
Day 1 of mural progress.

Adore Your Walls launches The Des Moines Walls Project with first mural


DES MOINES, IA – (October 5th, 2016) – Adore Your Walls, an online art advisory service, has launched The Des Moines Walls Project with a mission to produce more public murals and art in the Des Moines area.


The Des Moines Walls Project kicks off with a mural on the building of Exile Brewing Company by artist Ben Schuh. The mural, which will be located on the corner of Walnut Street and SW 16th Street, will begin October 5th and aims to celebrate the biking and beer culture of Des Moines as well as some of its notable landmarks. It features a large image of the Iowa State Capitol with the caption, “Cheers From Des Moines.”


In the coming months, Adore Your Walls plans to connect more businesses and artists to collaborate on public murals in the Des Moines area. I’m so passionate about bringing more art to the walls of this city,” Adore Your Walls CEO Liz Lidgett said about the project. “Adore Your Walls is proud to be based in Des Moines, and while we typically focus on the walls of clients’ homes, this has been an exciting project that lets us focus on the walls of our community.” Adore Your Walls previously orchestrated the large scale mural on the exterior of RoCA, featuring 12 local artists.


RJ Tursi from Exile Brewery says, “We’re excited to put this mural up because it showcases some of our favorite things about Des Moines culture and will continue to build on the public art we already have on our building and in the area.”


Artist Ben Schuh is looking forward to being a part of the project. “Large scale public works are the perfect challenge as an artist,” he said. “With projects like the Exile mural, I believe it’s critical to consider how my work can impact passing patrons and to design the project to highlight some of my favorite things while paying tribute to the Tursi family history.”


For more information about the company’s other services see www.AdoreYourWalls.com.




To interview Ben, Liz or to capture footage of the installation, please contact Adore Your Walls’ COO, Kate Wagner, at kate@adoreyourwalls.com.