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We’ve all been to an office where the art is meant to be motivational but ends up being, let’s say, less than. Many people spend more time at work than they do at home, so your space should be beautiful and incite creativity. Of course, we think the past way to do that is through your art. At our new Adore Your Walls office, we created a mix of both motivational pieces with our favorite quotes and bright, modern artwork.


This print by the Red Door Press hangs proudly on our inspiration wall.

_MG_3968This piece was created by an artist in Texas for Liz. It was a gift from one of her best friends when she first began the business.

_MG_3975This piece by Sarah McCoy at The Permanent Collection gets down to the point.


Also by Sarah McCoy, this was a custom print that Liz handed out, along with her business card, at the Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker Conference last September.


This watercolor by Cat Rocketship is a part of her talisman collection and is meant to bring the owner success.

_MG_3989And your motivational items don’t have to stop at just your artwork. Society 6 puts designs from their artists on everything from prints to pillows to shower curtains.

As you can see, offices of today can move past the “Success” posters with a photo of an eagle flying overhead. Try to find artwork that is meaningful, affordable, and sets a fire under you to get your best work done.