08.30.18 | 1 Comment

1. How did you start making art?

It’s hard to determine a starting point. I think I’ve just always had sparks that sometimes, burn brighter than others. From a photography standpoint, I started shooting more diligently in 2012 and that really provided the push to create more and in unique ways. That has led to mural work, collages and ultimately, gallery installations.

2. Describe your artistic style in 3 words.

Curious, Eclectic, Engaging

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I think when you’re creative, inspiration comes from anywhere. Sometimes inspiration comes from a color, sometimes a lyric in a song, sometimes from heartbreaking news stories. Inspiration can’t be scheduled, it just arrives. I try to always be open for that.

4. How do you stay creative?

Impossible. If there is an elixir, sign me up for a lifetime subscription. I find that when I get in a creative mode, I stay there. But there are some times great divides when nothing feels right, or the time isn’t right, or life just forces itself into my schedule in ways that leave little time to create. In those periods, I try to at least continue monitoring some of my favorite artists to stay surrounded by inspiring work.

5. Where is your work displayed? (Any galleries, museums, publications, etc.?)

I’ve been really lucky to have several client commissions which means my work is permanently placed in homes. I have two large murals located in the city of Des Moines — one on the RoCA building and one on the wall just west of Wellman’s on Ingersoll. I’ve been shown in Create Magazine and will have work in a future issue of dsm.

6. What big projects are you working on now?

I’ve continued to dig into various creative mediums in addition to photography, from collage to interactive installations. I’m also finding personal ways to create just for myself — an example of that being my photo essay To Yayoi — inspired by Yayoi Kusama and her perfectly placed polka dots.

I’ve been working on ideas surrounding an extension of the Creative Confessional I produced for last year’s Witching Hour festival in Iowa City and I just wrapped up a unique set of portraits for Tech Journey. And in the very near future, more work with Ballet Des Moines. (Check out what we did with her recent photographs of the dancers!)

7. Favorite place to travel?

Travel itself is my favorite, as long as I have access to my camera. Last year took me to Paris and Greece which was as humbling as it was inspiring. But just as much as I love international travel, there is always some new space to create right here at home — in the water, in the woods, in my studio or alleyway.

8. Who are your biggest influences?

My influences are far reaching and cross mediums but share like-mindedness. JR and James Victore are two strong voices I’ve listened to and carried with me for years. Molly Scannell and Jillian Evelyn are female artists I adore. Emily Lang and Kristopher Rollins, along with their Movement515 crew feed me words that fill my soul. It’s the soul filling stuff that turns into a body of work.

9. Favorite book recommendation?

Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit is a solid foundational read. Anything by Rebecca Solnit will have you spinning creatively for days. Right now I’m reading The Cost of Living by Deborah Levy.

10. Favorite quote?

“Just a heads up… I’m being weird and making very bad choices.” – My eight year old.